Demo 2015

by Sweet F.A.

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The Line-up:

Brian - Guitar/Vocals
Chris - Guitar
Devin - Bass
Dan - Drums


released March 12, 2015

recorded at Lager Dungeon Studios
Engineered & Produced & Mixed by Jeffrey Ziga



all rights reserved


Sweet F.A. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Skinhead Rock and Roll

Brian - Guitar/Vocals
Chris - Guitar
Eric - Bass
Hand Hammer - Drums

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Track Name: Mission Accomplished
im assigned to go on a mission
its my duty to maintain intoxication
i pledge allegiance to inebriation
failures always an option

mission accomplished
but were not coming home
mission accomplished
how you gonna
play punx rock
and shout oi oi
without some booze
show the world you were born to lose
mission accomplished

i dont need no quitters
i dont need no casuals
oh i see youre sober, you must think youre great
im gonna drink like lemmy
Track Name: Nobodys Fool
for whatever reason you fuck with me
and i try to hold my ground
you take this as hostility
as if im the one being the asshole

nobodys fool
better not fuck with me cos im

always acting like it came out of nowhere
after you dealt the first blow
your reaction is to play the victim
time you reap the seeds you sow
Track Name: Paths to Glory
if i fight against the world its cos
im at odds with society
accepted values they are not mine
yet im always the one to pay

human justice you continue to mock
oppression stains the stars and stripes
compassion for another
you completely lost
your orders i will not blindly obey

soldiers we may be
but the paths we sussed
paths to glory
Track Name: 1000 Yard Stare
abandon all hope
ye who enter this
space is anything but safe

crucified while all
others forgiven
and its always been that way

now i can clearly see
cos i got the 1000 yard stare
knowing right from wrong
cos i got the 1000 yard stare

boots and braces worn
when the fight begins
gotta be prepared

paying dues dont work
only acquire
the ability to see

now i can clearly see
cos i got the 1000 yard stare
knowing true from false
cos i got the 1000 yard stare

go on my son
think you got it sussed
be prepared
for a beating
skins are crucified
so am i
til the day i die
hold your ground
alone in a crowd
never surrender

everywhere i go
some ones against me
do i fight or give in

truth you will not find
enemies you will
and its always been that way
Track Name: Melting Pot
before you start to attack
lets get this one thing straight
it aint the system i defend
its the system i hate
but its us as a people
its what we create

stars and stripes
the flag we fly
when we wear it
were filled with pride
stars and stripes
fly the flag
american skinhead

pride in our culture
respect all others
i know i wouldnt be
an american skin
without understanding
the melting pot were in

we wear boots
for freedom we fight
we shave our heads
Oi! Oi!
skinhead unite

dont tell me the ny scene,
boston, la,
and midwest bands arent that great
they had a voice
they had a say
i can relate