Live By The Sword

by Sweet F.A.

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    5 Tracks: "Forth To War", "Cold War", "Nobody's Fool", "Library of Alexandria", "Mission Accomplished". Engineered & Mixed by Joseph Meadows at Piece of Shit Practice Space.

    2nd Edition of 50. None more made when they're gone.

    These 5 tracks and 7 others will be on our first CD/LP out of Rebellion Records / Longshot Music.

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released February 24, 2016

Brian - Lead Vocal, Lead Guitar
Chris - Guitar, Vocals
Eric - Bass, Vocals
Jeffrey - Drums
Casey - Vocals

Recording Engineered and Mixed by Jeffrey
at Piece of Shit Practice Space



all rights reserved


Sweet F.A. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Skinhead Rock and Roll

Brian - Guitar/Vocals
Chris - Guitar
Eric - Bass
Hand Hammer - Drums

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Track Name: Forth To War
stand up front and be counted
banners of pride wave so high

shock troopers forth to war
lets give those bastards what for


its a way of life
looking for a riot
looking for a fight
DM's on our feet
we wear braces
to hold up our jeans
and nothing more
I believe in battle
I believe in war
power and might
to be anti-social
is my right

boot goes in swift and sure
we will be merciless
Track Name: Cold War

not that long ago
we were all held hostage
ideologies clashed
with the threat of nuclear warfare
who is your enemy?
godless commie soviets
or imperialist
corrupt capitalist from the west

for your way of life
to action you are called
the strength of a nation
belongs to us all

Yuri sings "motherland hears..."
as he's launched to the stars
Apollo missions demonstrate
Saturn V's in the spirit of '69
after you, comrade.
even Mensi sang:
"Guns for the Afghan Rebels"

and when the day arrives
when the bombs begin to fly
you gotta kill 'em all in the first strike

If you don't it will be
immediate irreversible
escalation of total hostility
Track Name: Nobody's Fool
for whatever reason you fuck with me
and i try to hold my ground
you take this as hostility
as if im the one being the asshole

nobodys fool
better not fuck with me cos im

always acting like it came out of nowhere
after you dealt the first blow
your reaction is to play the victim
time you reap the seeds you sow
Track Name: Dark Ages

As the multitude
goes marching by
will you take a stand?
its a case of do or die

will it be like before?
like those who threw it away
not the vaguest notion
not having a say

they let it burn down

shows few traces of
its former glory
that we are all heirs of

the palaces and temples
converted to castles
its churches rose and fell
to mosques and minarets

they let it burn down

"why should we care?"
the mob will surely cry
dissolving efforts toward enlightenment
we once tried

the mob effectively
brought an Age of Darkness
is this what you want?
well, you can't take it away from me

you can't burn it down
Track Name: Mission Accomplished
im assigned to go on a mission
its my duty to maintain intoxication
i pledge allegiance to inebriation
failures always an option

mission accomplished
but were not coming home
mission accomplished
how you gonna
play punx rock
and shout oi oi
without some booze
show the world you were born to lose
mission accomplished

i dont need no quitters
i dont need no casuals
oh i see youre sober, you must think youre great
im gonna drink like lemmy